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The Jigawa State Comprehensive and Inclusive Eye Health Project Launch

Health And Development Support Programme (HANDS) and the Jigawa State government with support from Christoffel Blindenmission International (CBMI) with funding from the German Cooperation for International Development (BMZ), have launched a groundbreaking project in Jigawa State called the Jigawa State Comprehensive and Inclusive Eye Health Project. The project was inaugurated on the 4th of July 2023 in the capital city of Dutse.

The primary objective of this project is to improve the eye health of the population in Jigawa State. To achieve this, a newly developed Eye Health plan has been established, with its priorities incorporated into the state health agenda. The project aims to provide comprehensive, inclusive, affordable, and accessible eye care services to a total of 53,920 individuals, including people with disabilities. These services will be integrated into the National Health System.

The project has set the following objectives and targets:

1     Inclusive eye health will be integrated into the governance of health services in Jigawa State. Regular accessibility audits will be conducted.

        Lobbying for a new inclusive eye health plan.

        Revision of the Jigawa Eye Health Plan.

        Strengthening the Eye Health Committee in Jigawa.

2     The population will be made aware of the importance of comprehensive eye health and the availability of eye care services in Jigawa State.

        Training of the OPDs (Ophthalmic Personnel Development).

        Radio campaigns.

        Production and distribution of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials.

        Community mobilization and awareness-raising through street campaigns.

        Raising awareness of eye health in the media and health institutions.

3     Accessible inclusive eye health care will be provided at primary and secondary levels for all people in Jigawa State.

        Strengthening the existing referral system.

        Checking accessibility and adapting infrastructure in selected facilities.

        Equipping ophthalmology departments in five hospitals and three opticians' workshops.

4     The professional capacity of eye and healthcare workers, as well as other support staff, will be strengthened to provide comprehensive and inclusive eye health services.

        Training of medical and support staff on primary eye health.

        Training of nurses and midwives in primary eye health (PEC).

        Training of Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWS).

With these objectives and targets, the Jigawa State Comprehensive and Inclusive Eye Health Project aims to significantly improve eye health services and promote awareness and accessibility in the state. By collaborating with various stakeholders and implementing strategic interventions, HANDS, and its partners are committed to improving the eye health outcomes and overall well-being of the community.

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