2023-10-30 Host: Admin

Magajiya Abdullahi's Success Story

Magajiya's life was marked by adversity. She was widowed at age 30 and has been the sole guardian of her seven children. She also has a condition called Lymphedema, which is the swelling of tissue due to retention of fluid in the lymph vessels. The ailment not only caused physical discomfort but also social stigma as she drew in negative attention from the people in her community.

Despite the odds against her, she never lost hope. She was determined to provide for her children, even though she knew that employment opportunities were scarce in her village.

This year, the CiSKuLA Project released the CiSKuLA Trading Support Fund for 15 women affected by NTDs in Jigawa State. Magajiya happened to benefit from the project. With the funds she received, she embarked on her journey toward economic independence. She began to sell firewood, groundnut oil, and wrappers in her local market. 

The effect of the profit from the business on her family began to show. Her business not only flourished, but her children returned to school and no longer went to bed on empty stomachs!

Magajiya remains grateful for the support she received through the CiSKuLA Project. The project had given her the opportunity to rise above her circumstances. With tears of gratitude at the visit of the monitoring team comprised of staff from Birnin Kudu LGA, Jigawa State Ministry of Health, and HANDS to her home, she prayed for the project's continued success, hoping that it will reach more people like her, who are struggling.

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