2023-06-21 Host: Admin

The CiSKuLA Project in Jigawa State

The CiSKuLA project is on the verge of making a lasting impact by joining forces with health workers and persons affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), through specialized training that bridges the gap between NTDs and mental health conditions. This innovative model seeks to provide comprehensive support to individuals affected by NTDs, enhancing their ability to navigate the complex challenges of their physical and mental well-being.

By recognizing the profound impact NTDs can have on mental health, these dedicated professional health workers are expected after the training to help transform care with newfound knowledge and tools, they are equipped to address the psychological aspects of NTDs, fostering resilience, and improving the overall quality of life for those living with these conditions, and so that together, we are building a brighter future, where no one affected by NTDs has to face their journey alone.

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