ENDFUND provided funding to HANDS through CBM International to support the Federal Government of Nigeria in its effort for the control and elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases in the FCT. The integrated NTD control approach chiefly being the strategy used over the last decade has brought about massive intervention from several donor agencies and effectiveness in handling a number of these NTDs that require similar therapies thereby reducing cost and increasing impactful coverage in treatment.

The PC-NTDs targeted for intervention by ENDFUND included Onchocerciasis, Lymphatic Filariasis, Schistosomiasis and Soil Transmitted Helminths (STH). One of the major setbacks of NTDs implementation for 2019 Oncho/LF MAM was the late arrival of donated drugs (Mectizan and Albendazole). This delayed the early commencement of activities in the year under review. However, efforts were made to carry out MAM in December.