The COMMONWEALTH project extended to Yobe State with the same singular objective of contributing to the elimination of NTDs and achieving NTD elimination milestone. It is a fact that NTDs is found majorly in Sub Saharan Africa, which extends to the upper northern states of Nigeria. The NTDs have thrived in improverished, tropical regions in the country where there is poor sanitation, unsafe drinking warer, numerous insects to spread disease and little access to health services and Government support. The prevention and control of NTDs in this region, and by extension Nigeria is therefore imperative.

DFAT Project

The DFAT-funded project in Yobe State targeted Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis in 6 LGAs of the state. The implementation of the integrated control of NTDs activities in the State was a huge success with tremendous positive outcomes.

GiveWell Project

The GiveWell-funded project supported by Sightsavers aimed to provide access to NTD treatments through preventive chemotherapy approach. The target NTD of the project is Schistosomiasis treatment in all of the 16 endemic LGAs of Yobe State. To this end, treatment was conducted twice between February and December 2019. The first round of treatment was carried out in 10 LGAs while the later was in 6 LGAs.

It is important to note that in the last quarter of 2018, the Aisha Buhari Foundation conducted treatment in three (3) LGAs of the state. The GiveWell project threfore consolidated the efforts made by the foundation by providing improved therapy to those communities.